The Competence Centre for Cancer Research (CCCR) was founded in 2005 with the aim to improve the quality of cancer therapy by developing and implementing new diagnostic platforms and offering the pharmaceutical industry new drug candidates. Currently the project portfolio of CCCR involves 3 basic research project, 8 applied projects in drug development and 4 applied projects in diagnostics.

CCCR brings together the top competences in cancer research in Estonia.
CCCR’s partners are:

  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • University of Tartu
  • North Estonia Medical Centre
  • Trial Form Support TFS AB
  • CeMines Estonia Ltd
  • Cambrex Tallinn Ltd
  • Kevelt Ltd
  • Celecure Ltd
  • Inbio Ltd
  • IB Genetics Ltd
  • Protobios Ltd
  • Diet Standards LLC
  • EPhaG Ltd
  • Quattromed HTI Laborid Ltd
  • Genecode Ltd

CCCR is financed by the partners, and EU Structural Funds in the framework of the Research and Development Projects’ Programme and the Competence Centres’ Programme. The latter belongs to the international COMPERA network. CCCR also receives basic financing from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science.  Basic research projects are supported by the Estonian Research Council and Archimedes Foundation.

CCCR is a research and development institution that is certified by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science. However, the focus of CCCR’s research and development activities is on the implementation of the results in clinical practice. In 2010 CCCR received a special recognition at the Finnish Quality Innovation Awards from the President of Finland Mrs. Tarja Halonen for complex service for oncogenetic consultation and testing. Oncogenetic testing is carried out by CCCR’s partner IB Genetics Ltd. In 2007 CCCR was awarded the prize for the best spin-off company by the City of Tallinn.

A brochure about CCCR can be downloaded from here.
You can also find CCCR on Facebook.

CCCR is a member of the following organisations and networks:

  • Estonian Biotechnology Association
  • Estonian HealthTech Cluster
  • Cell Therapy Cluster
  • The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Medicine Estonia Cluster  
  • Tehnopol

CCCR co-operation partners:

  • Nordea
  • Kredex

In August 2012, CCCR established a spin-off company called CCCR Cambridge Ltd. The company is located at Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, UK. They specialize in developing prenatal vitamins and pregnancy products like Diet Standards OmegaHD DHA. Read more

CCCR as an Alliance Partner member of ECHAlliance. ”The European Connected Health Alliance delivers leadership for the development of Connected and mHealth markets and practice across Europe. The ECHAlliance and CCCR work together at a strategic level to promote connected health initiatives.”

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